Hear what our past Snap Attendees had to say:

What was your favorite part of Snap? 

“Information/Education extremely beneficial. Intimate comfortable group. Down to earth speakers -relatable”

“The Exursions because it was so much fun! Also meeting some new great friends and photographers”

“Learning how to grow my business through branding, social interaction, style etc. Bonding with the staff and attendees and getting to know more about the industry. Excursion, shooting in the storm and underwater with Jenna Martin”

“Photoshoots on the beach and the little competitions”

“I love how we own our own time to do activities, and loved meeting all the models and photographers. The option to go swimming like all the time is amazing”

“Experience. Meeting new people. Trying something new. Getting out of routine. Knowledge.”

“Getting to connect with people I knew only from Instagram. Social Media classes to help grow accounts. Getting to learn from different types of shooting.”

“Having the opportunity to shoot with new photographers and how tips on how to grow my social media/following. All of the staff were very helpful to answer questions -thank you”

“Getting to see and meet everyone”

“I really liked the individual photographer meeting group discussions. I felt like those were most helpful to get questions answered and get more one on one advice. I also really enjoyed the excursion and getting to shoot at a new location.”

“Learning more about the industry and getting to know the RMEA family”

“Learning and being a part of what I love to do with like minded people, growing my business in an amazing place of travels”

“The tropical location. Making friends. All the info from the Staff.”

“Hearing people’s stories and knowing that living and doing your dream job is possible”

“Learning about the industry and how to use, and run instagram. Meeting all the people at Snap.”

“The group activities -so much energy and excitement. A lot of surprises too!”

“I loved how we were able to do photoshoots with multiple photographers and how they had different styles of shooting. Also, the different weather gave us a chance to learn and adapt to working outdoors in different environments.”

“The Choice of photographers. Allowing us to shoot freely around the Resort. Organization. Extensive information. Workbook manual. Photographer/Staff are so down to earth and super helpful. I loved every presentation.”

What was the most valuable piece of information you learned at Snap?

“Implementing what I learned. Growing your followers on Instagram. Social Media is a key element to my business”

“How to control (manage) my social media and how to earn money and followers on Instagram”

“The social media growth classes. Reflecting on my goals, coming up with an action plan and how to manage my social media accounts. I also loved getting comfortable with spray shooting, how to me more spunky and natural”

“Learning how to make money on social media”

“Learning how to build my brand and generating income on Instagram”

“How to be awesome! Also how to instagram properly.”

“Social Media start up/success”

“Learning more about to grow a following on Instagram”

“Where to start -getting to the next place. Moving forward -getting a direction on what to do and where and what is possible.”

“Learning to adapt to different conditions and basically every class I found the information to be important. Learning how to really create your own brand and start it was our great info”

“Spray shooting. Learning how to pose. Learning how to use the environment within the pictures”

“I learned to believe myself. I faced so many fears because I have never shot models. I was able to stop worrying and just have fun!”

“Set goals, and keep moving forward everyday. Doing something to improve me, my business and the love for what I do.”

“Everything. It has all been very helpful, from the technical aspects to the personal (giving the confidence to just go and do).”

“All of the Social Media and Branding classes to help grow, as well as the education from Andy Austin learning the modeling photo component to help with landscape. Also the conversations to help not feeling alone in thoughts/processes”.

“Learning about making money on Instagram and methods to increase following -hashtags, tags, etc”

“Learning how to get more followers on Instagram and make money on it”.

“The Instagram information was the most valuable and applicable to my work and business development.” 

“How to get my Instagram more followers, and to grow my social media”